Divi is the leading wordpress theme. 99 percent people who use wordpress must know about this creative theme DIVI. Divi is a premium theme Elegant Themes. Divi is the best selling theme of that company. Divi is the first wordpress theme that comes with page builder system and then the other companies invented this option.


The very first reason for using it, is the company who invented this theme. Elegantthemes.com is the leading theme company in the market of wordpress themes. This company provide you the best quality of themes and plugins.

You might be thinking that envato market is also good for wordpress themes, I’m also agree on this but Elegant is the best option. Their themes are so perfectly coded that don’t have any single bug and their support team will help you for solving any issue.

You will not get the opportunity with any other company like Elegant. If you face any problem with any wordpress theme in envato then you have to report your problem and have to wait for at last 5 days to get a response and then you have to wait to get the solution. I have personally face this issue 3 times before choosing elegant themes.


The next reason is the design on it. With divi you can create any design in a very short time. Divi is like a complete package that have all the options that all the other wordpress themes have.

You might me thinking how a single theme can have all the options that all the other themes have, I will only tell you to use divi once for getting the answer. It is a surprise for every people who use wordpress.


The next reason is it’s builder. Divi comes with a visual builder. With this builder you can edit your page on a live mode where you can see all the design elements and can edit them with any issue. Its works like website builder.

Its a wordpress website builder. You can edit any page or element with this visual builder without coding knowledge. Elegant theme also offers hundreds of layout options that anyone can install in one click.


The last reason is it’s speed. Divi is a very light weight theme and its makes faster website that loads very easily. It’s not so heavy like other wordpress theme. Most of the themes of envato market is upto 30 mb and in some cases its more then 70 mb also. If you use this kind of themes then your website will load very slowly and it will have a very bad impact on your traffic.

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