If youtube is not playing videos then it can be for many reasons. It can for the browser that you are using or the app or even the cookies that are saved on your phone.

The device problem, browser problem and the network connection problem are the main three problems are happened most of time. There are also different reasons like HTML5 not loading properly on your mobile or desktop.

(This is very important thing that you need to keep in mind that if your device don’t support HTML5 then youtube will not play videos on that device. So you need to make sure that your device is compatible for loading HTML5)

  • The first think is that you can to do refresh the youtube page that you are using this from any browser. If you are using it in app then close that app and wait for 2 minutes and then open the app again.
  • You can adjust the video quality so that it can load properly. For doing this, you need to click on the gear button and you will see the quality of that video in pixels. Choose the smallest number from that list.
  • Make sure that your browser or app is updated, if you are not sure about this then recheck it. If you find any available update then install it and then go to youtube again.
  • Clean your browser cache and cookie properly, make sure that you have missed nothing there.
  • Go to incognito mode and then try it again. If this working fine in this mode then its must be a issue of the extensions of your browser. Delete one by one and also keep checking during that time.
  • If this still not working after trying all this, then check your internet connection and make sure that you are using a secure and good connection. If you are sharing internet using hotspot then stop that and try again.
  • If your network connection seems to be malfunctioning then plug of your modem and router and then reboot it again.
  • If you are using it from its app then you need to clean the cache of that app.
  • And at the last if it’s still not working then your should restart your device, hope this last one will work for you. If this trick also fail and your are using a google chrome browser then it can be a issue of that browser.

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