Google Chrome is the mostly used browser all over the world. People love to use this because it’s very simple to use and trust it more then other as it’s a service of Google. As a chrome user, I’ve faced different issues many times and i am sure that you also have face some. So you if you want to know the solutions of this problem then you just have came to the right place.

So don’t waste any more time and get started with the tricks.

Chrome slowness issue

This issue happened with most of us, the reason behind this issue is Chrome use a larger part of the RAM as a result everything else on the device crawl very slowly. If you feel that slowness then close your chrome browser and refresh your device and then again open the browser. You should make this a habit if you use chrome all day long.

Extensions are not working properly

If you face this problem then remove those extensions. You might don’t have idea but this extensions are the main culprit of all the time when you face any issue with your browser. You should keep less amount of extensions on your browser for making it works smoothly. If you don’t need any extension then remove that, only keep the needed ones.

Unresponsive tabs issue

If you face this problem then only one thing that you can do and that is close it or even its not even closing then try the force close option of the google chrome task manager. After this you should wait for 5 minutes and refresh the device before started working with chrome again unless you will face this again.

Flash not working issue

If your flash plugin is not working or even crashes on chrome then disable it on that time. This is the only solution that i have because i have personally done that. Most of the websites on web don’t need this flash for loading properly unless its a photo or video editor website.

Malware issue

If you face malware issue then you don’t need to worry so much because chrome has its own clean up tool. By using this tool you can clean anything that is actually not belong to chrome.

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