In 2019 anyone can create their website by their own, they can manage the whole process very easily because of the power of internet. This fact makes our life so easier then before. Creating a website is easy for every one but not everyone know to create a secure website. Now you are thinking that what is the difference between a normal website and a secure website.

The answer is already in the question. The secure website is that website which is properly secure and there is no chance of any hacking or any other this kind of issues. A secure website is a website that people trust then a normal website. If you are thinking about a creating a website you must know how to create a secure website. Its not so hard that you might need to hire any agency or freelancer. You can do it by yourself.

Now lets talk about how you can do so. You can create a secure website in 4 simple steps. So lets get started with this steps.

Use CMS and update it time to time

It’s always a good idea to use CMS ( wordpress, drupal, joomla ) if you are creating a website by yourself. You can also go with it if you are hiring someone for building your website. CMS makes your website more secure and its also very easy to maintain. If you are thinking about building a website using website builder then just forget about it.

By using this website builders you can’t make your website secure. If you are using any programming language then its not easy to maintain and keep it up to date. Updating a CMS based website is very easy and you can do it with just one click.

For keeping your website secure the very first think you need to do is to keep it up to date regularly. So keep this on mind for starting creating and create your website with that program that you can maintain properly.

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

Different hosting company may offer you interesting deals but before choosing any of then look inside. Choose that hosting provide who will offer you Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

This Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) make your website’s file transfer system secure then ever and its a very important thing. You need to make sure that the hosting provide you are going with providing you this feature.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Web Application Firewall (WAF) is the other must needed thing for making your website secure. When you make your website online its faces different kind of cyber threats. This rogue’s gallery of cyber threats can do many kind of unwanted thinks with your website if don’t make it secure properly.

You have to keep in mind that newly created sites are mainly tempting target of this cyber threats. For avoiding then you need to use the Web Application Firewall (WAF).

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

The last thing you need is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Its a very important thing that you need for your website. If you add this with your website that means you have created a new bond between you and your traffic.

This green sign with your domain name make your traffic trust on your service and no third party can do anything on this.

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