Keeping website completely secure is a big deal for every people because of different issues that are happening around web. You might thinking that you are not one of them but that’s always not a real fact. Your website can be also infected too and for keeping your website safe you must need to do few things without any delay. So lets get started with it.

Don’t ignore error messages

You always need to beware about any kind of error messages of your website or even in server. Most of the people ignore it, they think that nothing will be happen with this but this can really harm your website. You need to fix this after seeing this and you also need to make sure that your user are also not getting that same error.

You should make this things private so that other people don’t get any information or database passwords or any API keys. You have to protect full exception details but if you fail to maintain this then your website can be in attack list.

Don’t let your users file uploads

This is another major thing that many people miss. You don’t even have any idea about which user will upload what kind of files on your website. It even can a virus that they are uploading as a file and if this really happen then it will create a big issue for your website.

You might don’t have any idea but this thing can completely destroy your complete website and in some cases its also not possible to get back all the data of any website.

If you own a eCommerce website then you need to worry more then other people because your whole payment system can be infected by this thing and your users payment information’s can be steal also.

You can use this given below codes for ignoring this issue –

<img src="/imageDelivery.php?id=1234" />
      // imageDelivery.php
      // Fetch image filename from database based on $_GET["id"]
      // Deliver image to browser
       Header('Content-Type: image/gif');


Secure your website with a extra layer of security using SSL. This HTTPS can keep your website safe much more then previous time. HTTPS is a kind of protocol that used to provide extra security all over the Internet.

By showing HTTPS you also gain the trust of user because if you have this that means your website is completely safe, its not intercepted. Its a pretty much needed thing if your user have to provide your website some private data like credit car information or something similar like that.

Setting up HTTPs is also not tricky on this days and its also not so much expensive. There are also some sources that provide this ssl service for free.

Let’s Encrypt is one of those provider who provide this ssl service for free. Don’t think that will not work as same as other paid providers as they giving it for free. It also very easy to set up as different tools are available in all the frameworks.

Use website security tools

This is also a very must needed thing. Without using this tool you can never be so sure that your website is completely safe. You might have set up all the needed things like SQL Injection methods or Cross-site scripting (XSS) things but you still can’t be so sure about safety.

Now you might be thinking that, this tools are so much expensive and not in your budget then i also have solution for this. The solution is the free security tools that works very similar like paid ones.

Websites like or OpenVAS gives you the free offer to use their security tool without making any payment. You can also checkout cloudflare, they not give you security for free as well as ssl also for free.

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