Why everyone of us need a password manage? Before discussing this question’s answer, we need to know what is a password manage and how it works. The reason behind this is, every password manager are not same.

What is a password manager?

A Password Manager is a kind of software which used to store and manage the passwords of users different online accounts. This software stores all the users passwords in an encrypted manner, Its keeps the password secure from all the prying eyes while the users used to login in their online accounts.

There are main two kind of password managers, one is the basic one and other one is the advance one. If you are not interested in having any extra app or software for your password then Chrome password manager is the most safe solution for you. If you like to how to use that then you can visit in this blog – Chrome Password Manager-simple way to use that .

How Do it Work?

Its working process is not too complex. Once you set up all of your password in this app or software, it will provide you a master password and with this master password you can manage all of your accounts.

This master password will make all of your works more easier because you don’t need to remember all of your password, you just need to remember the master password. So its safe and simple.

Why should you use a password manager?

Now lets get back to point about why you need this software or app. The main advantage of using this is that it will be more easy for you to access in all online account without thinking about security and also you don’t even need to remember all the passwords of different accounts.

As you have a master password so there is no chance of any problem of security of your accounts and payment details.

You can also feel free about that none can be look into your original password, so you don’t even need to keep changing them time to time.

As your password manager will automatically fill all the log in details so you don’t even need to worry about phishing attempt.

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