Earning money with google adsense is a dream. This dream is also a passion of those people who have own blog or something similar. People who want to get approved by google try to know everything about this platform. The question, ” Which type of websites earn the most money with AdSense? “ is the very commonly searched question. People who like to start at the basic level who to know this fact.

You may found different type of websites on web who are approved by google but not everyone of them earn the same amount for same traffic. The reason behind this is the type of the website is matters the most. The type is also mean as quality. Yeah! you read it right the quality of your website really matters a lots.

The type of websites that make the most money from google are the informative websites. Now you might be thinking that all the websites are informative because they all have contents. The real fact is not like. Only having content is not the key fact. Your content need to well organized, meaningful and good in quality.

Your content should be useful to the traffic that visit your website. Google really like those who website which are useful to people. This is reason behind everyone want to create blog.

Blogs and forum websites are the highest paid website in google according to different sources. As this websites are helpful to people, its reputation is also good to google. Whatever you want to create, you need to keep in mind that if you can create anything that useful to people then you can earn more.

In some cases people have good quality contents but still not making good revenue, this is happened because they really don’t know the best practices of using google adsense. If you also suspect that you are one of them then read out this blog- 3 Practices for Google AdSense that every user should know .

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