Getting approved by google is not so easy task and everyone who like to approved by them knows this very clearly. When anyone don’t get the approval, they try different alternatives for generating revenue but this alternatives are always not a good choice. Let me explain you the true facts about, why should you not use any alternatives of Google AdSense.


The very first one is, the alternatives don’t pay well. If you think that any other alternatives can pay like google or half of google then you are in a very bad dream that never going to be true. If any alternatives also say it by their self then they are just trying to manipulate you nothing more then that.

Just don’t trust on any alternatives without knowing the real facts about them. Google about them and read the reviews about them in different websites where people have shared their real life experiences with other about their issue with this alternatives.

You will found that, most of the alternatives are just not like as they are pretending to be. So be careful about this.


Alternatives can harm your website ranking. It’s very true fact that most of the people don’t know when they get started with them. There are lots of adsense alternatives that cause impact on the seo ranking of your website.

It getting down seo rank issue can be happen for anything. In most of the time, it caused for the invalid like issue like people click on something on your website but for using those alternatives, it takes them to any other websites.

For this issue your website not only lose the seo rank value but also have a very bad impact on the traffic. People mostly leave this kind of websites and don’t like to come back again.


The last fact is the reputation of your website. Using this alternatives can cause this issue very easily by it’s poor quality advertisement and invalid links.

Most of the visitor don’t like this kind of lower kind of advertisements and they leave this type of websites. So think again and again before choosing any other alternatives.

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