In this blog you will find about the top 25 highest paying AdSense alternatives that you should give a try. 

  1. Taboola
  3. Mgid
  4. Value Impression
  5. RevContent
  6. Outbrain
  7. PropellerAds
  8. Adversal
  9. Adsterra
  10. InfoLinks
  11. VigLink
  12. Skimlinks
  13. ylliX
  14. Monumetric
  15. PopAds
  17. PopCash
  18. OIO Publisher
  19. AdClickMedia
  20. MadAds Media
  21. BuySellAds
  22. Bidvertiser
  23. Adbuff
  24. SHE Media
  25. AdRecover

If you are one of those people who are tired of applying on Google AdSense again and again but still don’t get the approval and already lose hope about earning money from blogs then this blog is for you.

But if you have a little hope about AdSense approval then you can read this guide and give a try again – HOW TO GET GOOGLE ADSENSE APPROVAL IN 2020

Or if you like to know that why you are getting rejected from google, then you can have a look at this blog – ALL REASONS [WHY YOUR GOOGLE ADSENSE APPLICATION WASN’T APPROVED IN 2020]

AdSense Alternatives taboola

AdSense Alternatives #1 – Taboola

More than 10,000 websites use their service to acquire new audiences, increase engagement and drive revenue. You can earn a good amount from them. I personally recommend taboola if you are not getting the AdSense approval. You can also use it with adsense to more from your website. You can monetize your website with the largest sponsored content marketplace in the advertisement industry with taboola

“Taboola Feed brings the scrolling news feed experience consumers love on social networks right to your pages. It’s a game-changer for publisher revenue and audience building.”


“Taboola Newsroom empowers editorial and audience teams to enhance content with actionable data insights, A/B testing and alerts. Drive quality traffic to your website by exchanging traffic with partner and third-party sites.”


Website link –

AdSense Alternatives

AdSense Alternatives #2 – is one of the main AdSense competitors. This is run by Yahoo and Bing. With you can monetize your website content with searches from Yahoo! Bing network. You will get high engagement without cookies. This is a great opportunity for you to earn a very similar amount like Google AdSense.

“Our ad units are driven by the context of your content and not the data of your audience. With user privacy becoming more important to the advertising ecosystem, reduce your dependence on audience data and grow your revenue sustainably with contextual ads.”


“Our ad units can be implemented on your site with just a short snippet of ad code. It can’t get easier than this. You can also seamlessly activate multiple formats – contextual ads, outstream video ads, in-read native ads and standard IAB units, without any additional code or integration work.”


Website link –


AdSense Alternatives #3 – Mgid

Mgid is very similar to taboola but you will earn a little bit less than taboola. You need at last 100k pageview to earn a decent amount with mgid. They have only one ad format and that is “promoted content”. This is the best option for you if you are running any viral website.

“MGID provides an engaging solution consistent with the publisher’s platform behavior. Publishers can either monetize traffic or recirculate audiences. Integrate sponsored content or recommended products into the user’s natural activity stream that does not alienate viewers with unwanted disruptive ads.”


Website link –

value impression

AdSense Alternatives #4 – Value Impression

This is next on the list. This is another great option for you to monetize your blog and earn a good amount of cash. If you only have 10k page views per day according to google analytic then you can earn a profitable amount only using this single ad network. I will recommend you to use their video ad inventory to earn more.

“With more than 8 years of experience in the advertising industry, The ValueImpression has experienced many revolutions of advertising technologies from OpenRTB to further Header Bidding. We know the difficulties that publishers face, as well as the value that they have been losing. For this reason, we are here to help publishers optimize their every impression. Therefore, we help publishers to receive the highest and most accurate value for each impression.”


Website link –


AdSense Alternatives #5 – RevContent

RevContent is a native ads network. Their ads just look like related articles or posts which completely blend with the content of the website. They also offer a great pay rate for clicks. 

“Revcontent is a leading content discovery platform helping advertisers drive a highly engaged audience through technology and partnerships with some of the world’s largest media brands.”


“Revcontent’s discovery platform allows the world’s leading publishers to monetize their audience by providing users with a way to discover news, innovative thoughts and useful products that are interesting and relevant to their everyday lives. “


Website link –

AdSense Alternatives outbrain


Outbrain is one of the good-paying ad networks if you are not getting approval from google. World’s top companies use outbrain for promoting their content worldwide. You can earn a good amount if you at least have 50k page views per day and your traffic is from the US and UK.

“Outbrain helps over 1 billion people discover content, products and services that may be of interest to them.Our technology powers the core tech stack of publishers who want to better manage, control and monetize their content by personalizing their editorial experience for consumers.”


Website link –



PropellerAds is another large ad network that you should give a try. It offers a variety of adverts like banners, sponsored links, push notifications and you can reach up to 350 million users with this.

It’s also very simple to use and You don’t need to get any approval like taboola or You just need to sign up and your website is ready to serve ads. 

“Explore a unique advertising channel.Instantly deliver your brand’s message or offer directly to a user’s device, even when he is not browsing. Target special events, find prospects with User Activity targeting, send up to 1M messages in less than a minute – the possibilities are limitless.”


Website link –



If you have a website with only 50k pageviews per month then Adversal can be a perfect solution for you. You just need to fill up the sign-up process and your account will be ready and you can place the ads on your website.

“Our self-serve platform makes it easy to get your campaign setup within moments. No paperwork to hold up the process. Pay as you go. Start, stop, pause campaigns, edit bids, and review reports hassle free with our intuitive interface.”


Website link –

Adsterra AdSense Alternatives #1


Adsterra is another good option on the AdSense Alternative list. I have used this before and they pay a very similar amount like mgid. And this company is growing so fast than other ad network companies. If you only have traffic from Asia then you also don’t need to worry because they can earn a good amount if you have a decent amount of traffic.

“Adsterra Network is a leading digital advertising company that offers performance-based solutions for advertisers and media partners worldwide. Our dedicated multilingual team develops personalized solutions and always strives to provide you with an expert advice to enhance your campaign performance. We provide an effective combination of in-house and third party fraud detection systems that automatically monitor security of all ad campaigns.”


Website link –

AdSense Alternatives infolink


Infolinks is in this ad networks market since 2007. And one of the most popularly used ad networks. If you have 10k page views per day on your website. And your more than 70% traffic is from the US then you can earn up to $100 with them.

“Today, Infolinks is the third largest publisher marketplace in the world, paying publishers nearly $100 million and generating income for over 100,000 direct website publishers and bloggers of all sizes in 128 countries. We work with thousands of advertisers such as Nike, Virgin Airlines, Target, and Netflix to deliver nearly 1.5 billion monthly ad views.”


Website link –

These are the top ten ad networks that you can try if you are not getting the Google AdSense approval. There are fifteen more on the list that you can also have a look at.

VigLink, Website link –

Skimlinks, Website link –

ylliX, Website link –

Monumetric, Website link –

PopAds, Website link –, Website link –

PopCash, Website link –

OIO Publisher, Website link –

AdClickMedia, Website link –

MadAds Media, Website link –

BuySellAds, Website link –

Bidvertiser, Website link –

Adbuff, Website link –

SHE Media, Website link –

AdRecover, Website link –

At the last, I will only say that, you need to keep in mind that, These all are the AdSense Alternatives so you will not earn as much as Google AdSense.

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