Online errors means those errors which happens during using any web page and everyone of us face this issue. This issues are so common that we face it almost regularly but we really don’t know that that error actually means.

400 Bad Request Error

If see this error that means you have requested for something which is not available to the website server. It can be caused for different issue on different websites or even it can be happen for old cookie or cache of your device. If you are facing this issue too often then it can a issue of your device. If you facing this also then you can try this tricks for fixing this error. Fix a 400 Bad Request Error in 4 ways

403 Forbidden Error

This is also a very common error. This happened because you might be trying to log in any page that must be password protected or something like that or this is a private page not open for everyone. So if you are seeing this error and also have to password for logging in this page that mean you password had been expired.

404 File Not Found

404 file not found is a very irritating error. This issue happened because for you are requesting a file that is not present in the server or even you have missed something during the command or url.

Unable to Connect Host

This issue happens when the website can’t not connect it with its host server or when the server is in maintenance mode or even experiencing too much traffic that the server can’t handle properly.

503 Service Unavailable

This 503 service unavailable error can be happen for three reasons. The first one is for a bad internet connection. This can be also happened for the site you are trying to visit has been deleted or moved or for experiencing too much traffic.

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