Skype isn’t working?

This is a very unwanted issue that happened with us during important calls or when we need it badly.

This issue can be happen for different reasons like the microphone problem or the audio settings but in some cases you have checked everything of this relevant but its still not working then what you will do?

The situation is pretty much frustrated but you can troubleshoot it in few simple ways. For doing this whole process you need to follow all the steps properly.

Login issue

If you are facing login issue then simply reset your password. This will fix the whole matter of log in. If can’t even log in for a single time then recover your account.

Network Problem

If your skype stopped working and even not opening then check your network connection. This issue can be happened for your network connection or even for conflicted network connections. Check your network connection setting. If you see different unknown public networks then remove them. You should also reboot your modem or router, this trick also help to fix this problem.

This issue can also happen if one network connection used by multiple people. So make sure that your internet speed is good enough for using this app.

Audio Settings and Permissions

Sometimes this not working issue is caused for audio setting and permission. If everything is working but you are only facing issues during calls then check the audio settings and permissions and make sure that everything is set properly there.

If you are facing this problem in computer or laptop then you also need to check your device audio setting and nee to make sure that your device gives it permission to use the microphone.

Video Settings and Permissions

If you are facing issue during video calls then you need to check the video setting of this like the audio one. For checking your device setting you need to go to the Tools options and then click on the Audio & Video Settings options. You will see all the permissions there.

For checking this in mobile device you need go to the setting page and then go to the application manager option. You will find skype there and also its permission options.

Advanced Troubleshooting

  • If this all process don’t work then you need to uninstall it and then reinstall it again.
  • You need to update your device drive and need to make sure that its working properly.
  • Verify your microphone properly by trying this on different device. So that you can be sure that its working fine.

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