When anyone think about email, the first thing comes to mind is gmail. If you ask anyone who want to open a email account or any normal person that why they actually use gmail account? The answer will be they trust it because its a service of google and they trust google more than any other service provides.

If you also one of them who love to use google then this blog is a must needed thing that you really need to know for making your account secure from any kind of threads.

Can you ever imagine that if anyone get into your gmail account how much of your personal information he will get? Don’t think too much because the answer will be, he will get all most every information of your personal life and business as well if you are using the same account for both.

As this gmail account is so much important, so you also need to make it so secure that none will able to look into it or get any of your confidential information. You need to spend 10 min for this and this steps are so easy that you can do just right now after reading this blog.

# Step 1

First log into your gmail account and click your profile photo at the top right of the screen. Then click on the My Account option, it will take you to the setting dashboard of gmail. Then you will see the Sign-In & Security options and click on the Signing in to Google option.

Now set a strong password not an average kind of password that anyone can guess. Don’t use your name or other persons name that easy to guess. Try to think something difficult that none can think about. Must use number and symbols on your password. You can also use a uppercase latter for making it more strong.


Now you are secure at the very first stage. So get started with the second part ” Enable two-step verification ” . Its also know as two-factor authentication. This options make your account more secure. If you enable this then none can get into your account just only using your password from any other device. If anyone try to do so then you will get a message of it on your given phone number.

You can also watch this video for better understanding.

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