Getting google adsense is not so a easy task in 2019 because of it’s high demand. Every people think about adsense in the starting of their business and then think about other alternatives. I will personally recommend to everyone you that not to think about any alternatives. If you like to know the facts behind this then you can read this blog of mine to understand it properly – Top 3 reasons why you should not use any AdSense alternatives .

You have come here to read the eligibility requirements of google, So let gets started with this. You might have read about other peoples requirements lists but not the real one. So i think it will be more better for you to read the eligibility requirements lists that given by google – Eligibility requirements for AdSense .

So now you know the requirements that is provided by google and let me tell you that, this are the main and only requirements that you need to fulfill not that other that you have read from different sources. This is a complete true fact and this rules of google are equal for every country.

I’m starting with this because lots of people think that google don’t accept them just because they are not from US or UK. This matter is a complete lie, Google made this rules for everyone and if you are not getting approved that means that you have missed something that is a must needed thing, it not because for the country.

Google clearly mentions that, you need to have everything original and most of the people get rejected for this first reason. They just don’t understand that original means original not any spinning one. Most of the people who applied for adsense don’t even care about it. Google want websites that have original and high quality content that helps people to learn something from them. If you want to get the approval then keep in mind that with quality content you will not get the approval.

When you will create the content also keep few others things in your mind. This things are the policies of google. Google have some restricted areas on this. You need to avoid this kind of contents from your website. You can read the whole list from this link. You should also know the other policies before taking any steps, you can read all the policies from here.

So at the last let me tell you the main fact, you might have read different things from different websites but this all facts are not the original one, they just have predicted all the facts but not 100 percent sure about this facts. So follow google for getting the whole matter not the predicted facts by other people.

If you are not getting the approval after following all the rules of google then you must missed something. So make sure you have all the quality that needed for the approval before submitting your request to google.

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