Trying to start a online blog but don’t know enough about websites or hostings? Then you just have come to the right place for getting the perfect solution. The name of your solution is wordpress. Don’t be surprised! You don’t need any other peoples help, you can do it by yourself. It easy and simple, so don’t be panic. Read the whole blog to understand the whole matter.

The blog title is a question and the answer is yes. There are so much reasons behind this let me explain it step by step. So that will make more sense to you. As WordPress is a CMS based system its very easy and simple. At the starting of wordpress, its completely created for online blog website’s then it upgraded to next level for creating other websites but its main features are actually created for blogs.

As you can see in the dashboard it have the post option is the first and everything in the dashboard is in a very well written format that anybody can understand. Its like app on your phone that you can read and apply the option.

If you are one of them who have a very limited knowledge about hosting then it will be a great option for you. Almost every hosting provide have the one click installation service of wordpress. so you can set up this whole system with your domain just in one click.

Now you might be thinking that your domain and hosting is ready but what about the main layout of the website. This is the other key fact of choosing wordpress. Its comes with different layout pack that called theme you just need to add your chosen theme from the add new option and then just active it. That’s it your design is ready.

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