If you are one of those who bank with HSBC, Wells Fargo, Bank of America or another large financial institution then you can be affected by this Tiny Banker Trojan aka Tinba virus.

This tinba is a variant of the Zeus Virus. It’s a very nasty kind of malware that designed to steal confidential information’s like bank information or credit card information’s from your computer or laptop.

What is tinba virus?

This Tiny Banker Trojan aka tinba virus only design for hacking your bank account or credit card. Its collect all the information’s like account numbers, passwords and username, credit card numbers the other PIN codes that needed for cracking your account or card.

According to Lifewire, “The Tiny Banker Trojan was listed as one of the Top 10 Most Wanted Malware in 2016 by Check Point Software Technologies, a cyber security company. It can attack any computer or smartphone.”

How it Works?

Its a very small piece of malware, it’s very tough to find it out in any device because of this small size of it. It can be 20kb or even can be more smaller then 20kb. The method this malware use is called packet sniffing to read network traffic, it means when you try to visit any financial website its replace it with a popup box.

This popup box will show that the website you are trying to reach is in a update so you need to submit all of your details on this box. If you face this box to often which show you a box and it also ask you to fill your sensitive data their then you must be infected by this tinba virus.

How to remove it?

The best way to remove is to use a antivirus which has a specific virus removal option. Malwarebytes is one of the best tool for removing this. You can even reinstall your whole system and during that you can find it out and delete this but this process is not so safe.

As i have already mention in my other blogs that antivirus is a must needed thing for your every device. So you really need to have one to keep your device much more secure but you also need to make sure that this antivirus is not a outdated one.

You always should update it time to time. You should also do the same thing with the other app that you have installed in your device.

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