Main things that you need for Google AdSense approval in 2020

  1. Domain and Hosting
  2. Knowledge of Google AdSense Terms and Policy
  3. A properly built website
  4. 30 Well Written Blogs with Proper SEO Set up
  5. A G-Suite Account

You might be thinking about lots of stuff about Google AdSense Approval, so why am I only talking about these five? Trust me! These five things in a proper way and you will get the approval in 7 days. Getting approval from google is not rocket science. Everyone just needs to pay attention to these main things.

How can anyone get the Google AdSense approval easily?

How can I get Google AdSense approval in a week?

How to apply for Google AdSense?

What are the requirements for Google AdSense?

Thinking about these questions right now but don’t have any proper answers. And also have learned different things from different sources about Google AdSense approval. But trust me most of them are myths.

Like to know the answers to these questions then you can read this blog – DETAILS PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT GOOGLE ADSENSE

Don’t get confused! Just read each and every point of this blog. This is the road map to your getting approval process.

Google AdSense Approval message

Let’s start with the Google AdSense approval process.

I’ve tried to get the Google AdSense approval at the beginning of 2019. At my first attempt, I got the approval and after that, I’ve tried for 8 more times in 2019 -2020 and got the approval every time ( I’m not the owner of every account). 

Anyone can also get the AdSense approval in 7 days. For this, they have to follow this properly. If anyone starts planning from today then they can also get the AdSense approval in a month.

Domain name selection for AdSense

Domain and Hosting

For a website, you need a domain name and hosting server. It’s always a good idea to choose a domain name with .com, .net or .info extension. Google AdSense doesn’t have any rules about the extension but I’ve never tried with other extensions. I have always applied for AdSense using these three. This is the reason behind recommending these three to you. This fact can help you to get Google AdSense approval easily.

If you already have a domain name with another extension and already got rejected. Then I will recommend you to buy a new domain name. While buying a domain everyone needs to make sure that they are buying a new domain name not already used one. Because there is no guarantee that the used domain they will buy is not banned from Google AdSense. A very few people face this issue and you need to make sure that you will not be one of them. 

Already have bought a used domain name with these extensions and get rejected from google. Then check it before applying again. For this just google “AdSense ban checker”. Then you will find those websites who will check that for free. You can also try this website –

Required Domain Age for AdSense

Age of the domain is not a fact for Google AdSense approval

The age of the domain is really not an issue for getting approval. I’ve got the approval on a 16 days old website. I’m from Asia, not from the USA or UK. So don’t think that it’s possible in the USA or UK not in other regions. Google has the same rules for every region. You might have read that your domain has to be at least 6 months old or something like that. It’s a bogus concept.

After buying a domain name, the next thing is a good hosting service to host your website. A good hosting service will make your website faster and secure than others. This is a plus point for you because google loves fast and secure websites

You will find a lot of hosting providers who will offer tons of services at a very low price. But think wisely before choosing any of them. I personally recommend you for domain and hosting both. You will get great service at a very low price with them.

The next thing you need is SSL for your website. SSL certificate is a must needed thing for getting Google AdSense approval. I recommend also for this certificate because they provide this certificate for free with hosting service. 

Google AdSense Terms and Policy

Knowledge of Google AdSense Terms and Policy

Now go on the Google AdSense terms and policy page and read them carefully. This is a very important part and most of the people who want to get AdSense just skip this part. Keep in mind that there are lots of things that you can learn from these pages. And these things will help you to get Google AdSense approval easily.

If you are confused about this page then click on the given below links to learn about them but don’t skip it.

AdSense Program policies

AdSense Online Terms of Service

Best Website design for AdSense Approval in 2020

A properly built website

Now start building your website. I recommend using WordPress. If you even have a website built in other forms than also transfer it into WordPress. With WordPress, you will get an error-free website and that is very important for getting the AdSense approval

There are also other advantages of using WordPress and the main one is, no coding knowledge is need for maintaining your website. I’ve personally used WordPress every time, I applied for AdSenseGoogle also recommends using WordPress. You can use free or premium both themes on WordPress. There are no rules about it. If you like to use a premium theme but don’t have a budget for that. Then let me know in the comment section or can email me. I will send the premium theme according to your website. I don’t have lots of premium theme but I can give one from my very limited collection.

Minimal website

Always try to keep the website minimal but also make sure that it’s userfriendly. And the website also has a clear navigation menu. A website should also have contact us, privacy policy and terms and condition pages. These pages are in the must-have list because without this you will not get the AdSense approval.

AdSense Application Status

In most of the cases, people get rejected from google AdSense for this. So keep these pages on your mind and make sure that you are not in the rejection list. Do all of this work before applying on google, don’t do this after applying.

Not sure about what you need to write on privacy policy and terms and conditions pages. Then you can also generate them online from different sources. Just google “Online privacy policy and terms and condition generator”. Input the needed data and generate it or you can also create these pages from here – Create a Free Privacy Policy Free Terms and Conditions Generator.

Don’t forget to set up the google webmaster tool because it will be rejected if your website is not properly indexed on Google.

Blogs For AdSense approval

30 Well Written Blogs with Proper SEO Set up

The next thing 30 well-written blogs with proper SEO setup. This is the most serious part of the whole work. You can write about any topic but you need to make sure that the blogs are helpful for people. People should learn new things or can solve their problems with your blogs.

Like right now I’m writing this blog about “How to get AdSense approval easily in 2020 for those people who want to make money online or like to know about google advertisement process”.I’m explaining each every point so that you will not have any doubt and get the approval.

You need to do the exact thing, have explained the whole matter so that will be useful to people. Google approved those websites which are helpful to others. Your website will also rank on the top of Google if you do so.

Add photos

Also, add photos on your blog so that people will understand it properly. According to different sources, people learn more when they find blogs with photos. You don’t need to buy photos for this. You can take it from google or different free sources like

When you will complete any blog, you need to also do the SEO part of this. For doing this you don’t need to be an SEO master. You just need to have basic knowledge about SEO like H1, H2 or H3 tags, meta descriptions, keywords. Setup these three things on your every blog post and also do the whole SEO of your website. Now you are done with this part.

You might have read about the traffic requirement for google Adsense on other websites but let me tell you that, its also a myth. You don’t need any traffic to get approval. You just need the listed things, nothing more than that.

All in one SEO Pack

If you are using WordPress then I will recommend you to use “All In One SEO Pack plugin”. I’m using it in all of my WordPress websites and it’s great for doing SEO easily on the whole website.

G Suite account

A G-Suite Account

You can use a Gmail account for applying for AdSense but I will recommend you use a G Suite account. I’ve used this all the time for applying on google.

There are a few things that you really need to know before applying for Google Adsense. These things will give you a clear concept of how Google Adsense works. Don’t skip this part because before getting into anything you must need to know the whole process. 

Some people used to think that they really don’t need to know these things because of what they will do with all of these. If you are also one of them then please change your point of view because if you don’t know how the whole process works then how you will get the approval.

Other Things you need to know about Google AdSense approval

  • There are two types of Google AdSense account, one is for personal use and the other is for business. If you will apply with a business account then you will need to submit your business registration number and other tax information. So be careful when you will apply.
Google AdSense Rejection causes
  • One person can only have one AdSense account so if you have any previous Adsense account on your name then you can’t apply for a new account using that same name. If you are banned from google and still want to earn from your website then have a look at this blog – TOP 25 HIGHEST PAYING ADSENSE ALTERNATIVES OF 2020

Google AdSense Rules

  • Google AdSense has the same rules for every user. “If you live outside of the USA, it will be tougher for you to get the approval for you” – This is a myth. 
  • If you live in the USA or the UK then you can only get the response from google a little bit earlier than the other countries but the other facts will be the same for every country.
  • If you are thinking about buying traffic after getting the approval then forget about AdSense just right now. You will be banned from this after a few days or weeks.
How to paste AdSense code on header
  • You need to have a very basic knowledge of codes so that you can place their provided codes on your website. If you don’t have any then you can hire a freelancer for this work but make sure that your freelancer or developer placed the code in the right place. In some cases, google rejects the application just because they can’t find the code in the right place.
Clicking on the google ads is strictly prohibited

Clicking on the google ads

  • You might know that clicking on the google ads of your website is strictly prohibited but some people ask their relatives or friends to click on the ads or even change their own IP and do so. This act can ban you forever. Many people did this and this is the reason why I’m saying this thing to you.
  • You always need to make sure that you are completely following the terms and policies given by google. You have to maintain this for keeping your account safe forever.
Last words

Now you are ready to apply. All the best, I really hope that you will get the Google AdSense approval. If you follow all the things that I have listed then there will be only a 5% chance of rejection but if you still face any issue then simply drop a comment here with the URL of your website. I will check your website and will try my best to give you the solution. 

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