Hello! Lovely peoples, Hope you all are doing well. Today I would like to share the details about creating a free website using a website builder or website maker. For creating a website using a website builder, you don’t need any coding knowledge or any other relevant technical knowledge. You can make your own website in less than one hour after reading this post. This whole process is very simple to do. So please don’t skip any part for a better understanding.

How to Create a Free Website (website builder)

  1. Sign up to wix.com (website builder)
  2. Choose a template according to your business
  3. Edit the template using drag and drop website builder
  4. Once you are done, publish the  website
  5. After publishing the website, wix.com will give you the URL of your website.

That’s it! Your free website is ready now. The URL wix.com(Free website builder) will give you, is your website domain name. And you can edit it whenever you want, just log into your Wix account and make the changes and again publish it. 

website builder signup

So let’s get started with the website builder or website maker. Go to www.wix.com and click on the sign-in button from the menu bar and then write your email address and password and sign up. Make sure that you are using a strong password for making your website safe. After signing up, you will see a page like the given below one.

create a website using website builder

Firstly click on the skip button on that page. If you like to answer their questions then it will also okay but I will recommend you skip this part.

Choosing Template


On this page, the first thing that every person notices about the website builder is the Wix ADI because according to Wix, if you answer a few questions of them then they will automatically create a website for you in a minute. Don’t click on the “start now” button because the website they will create for you is not as good as the templates of them.

Click on the choose a template button and it will take you to the template page of the Webiste maker. On this page, you will find lots of templates according to every business type and you will also find templates for personal portfolios.

make your own website

On this page of the website builder, you will find the menu for templates and from that choose your category. After that preview those templates to choose your one. For previewing the template put your mouse over it and you will see the view button after that. When you will click on the view button, it will take you to a new page where you can see the whole template design.

website maker templates

Website builder live editor

After choosing the template, click on the edit this site button from the upper menu and the drag and drop builder will load on a new web page. It will take less than a minute to load the drag and drop website builder.

You will see an animation like the upper video during the drag and drop website builder loading process. Once the builder will load completely, Wix will show you this given below popup.

website maker preview video

There is an introduction video on this popup where Wix will explain how you can edit and save the template. You can watch this video if you want and close the popup after that and start building your website.

At this point, you need to know that, Wix website builder has two different editors, one for the desktop version and the other is for the mobile version. So let’s start with the desktop version.

After loading the website builder, you will see the desktop version by default. As you are currently on a drag and drop builder, you need to keep in mind that you will see every option of each element when you will click. As it is a website builder, you will find everything easily.

live html5 editor

When you click on any text, you will see the Edit Text option and when you click on that, you will see this Text setting popup. You will find every text setting option from there. You can change the text font, text size, text color, text alignment and the others from this popup.

Watch this given below video as for example –

For editing, the menu clicks on the menu and you will find these options. There are layouts, design, animation and stretch options on that list.

setting the menu

When you click on any of these options, they will show you the detail setting option on a popup box. You can watch this video to understand it properly.

As everything of the website builder/website maker is unknown to you, So don’t hesitate to do any changes. And click on everything to explore every option so that you can edit everything. I’m adding all the videos below. In these videos, you will find everything that you need to edit the whole website. As it is a website builder, you will learn everything in minutes.

For editing Strips (website builder) –

For editing Social Bar (website builder) –

For editing Header & Footer (website builder) –

For editing Images (website builder) –

For editing Buttons (website builder) –

For Attaching Elements (website builder) –

For editing mobile version (website builder) –

And you are Done!

Once you are done, publish the website by clicking on the publish button from the menu. The button is colored light blue and it’s on the right section of the menu of the website builder. And after that, you will see this given below popup. I have pointed out that, where you will find the URL on the given below the photo.

free website maker

When you will paste this URL on the address bar of any browser, it will take you to your brand new website. And it will work like other websites but there will be a Wix branding ad on the footer.

Wix.com is a free website builder where you can create all kind of website, You only have to pay them if you want to add your domain on that website. Meanwhile, You can create a website for free in just one hour and you don’t even need to hire any agency or freelancer for that. So what are you waiting for make your own website today.

Pro Tips of using Website Maker

  • Never start creating your website for the first time using the website maker. Do a little practice on a template that you like to edit and after that create a new website again. You can create many websites for free on a single Wix account so don’t think too much. 
  • You will find the undo and redo button on the upper menu, so don’t be afraid if something went wrong.
  • Try every option and every button to explore the website maker.
  • Your email address will be on your URL so make sure to use a new email address.

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