GoDaddy is a well known hosting company all over the world. It’s also the number one company in the world for domain registration. It’s a very trustworthy domain hosting provider company. The other important service it provide is its own website builder.

It’s also provide other this relevant things like SSL, email and other similar things that need to start a online business. So just in one word, Godaddy is a complete package of everything that you need for your website.

According to, its rating is 4.7 in 5. Its a pretty much good score. This score is for the overall things. For the features its rating is 4 in 5, 4.9 in 5 for the price, 4.3 in 5 for user friendly and 4.6 in 5 for their support.


Godaddy is the industry leader in selling domain because of their price and features. You can get any kind of domain on their website like .club or .site or even .blog. They charge much more less then others. They sell .com for $11.99, .app for $16.99, .pro for 6.99, .one for $12.99, .tv for $44.99, .menu for $49.99, .build for $99.99, .today for $3.99, .photography for $27.99.

As you can see, you will get lots of options with them according to different business type. I think this is the reason why people prefer them so much for buying domain name. Even i have 4 domains and all of then i have bought from godaddy.

I personally chose them because of their verity of options and also its very easy to maintain domain settings their. You don’t need to be a expert or pro on maintaining domain if you choose them.


Godaddy also comes with verity of hosting plan, you can get any kind of hosting’s according to your need. They options for basic and advance both websites. They mainly have three plans. Those are website hosting, wordpress solutions and servers. They also have other plans under this three.

This hosting plans price starts with $5.99/month and end at $179.99/month. The most interesting part of this hosting plans is wordpress solution. As everyone of us knows that wordpress is the very commonly used CMS, for this reason, I think godaddy started this plan.

In this plan user get a hosting where wordpress is already installed, so their is no need to do anything else. People love this plan because they don’t need any technical knowledge for setting the server or don’t even need to hire anyone for this work.

This is not just the end, godaddy also have a one click installation option where you can install anything in just one click. This one of the other reason why like this provide so much.

Website builder

Godaddy have website and its also works fine but personally i m really not a big fan of this because of its slowness and design features and other features. I will only say that there are lot of website builders on the web and they are much more better then this one.

Godaddy might claim in their website that you can build any stunning website in just one hour but this is a complete lie. This is lie because you can’t build any website in just one hour using any website builder or any other things.

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