A2 hosting is one of the best hosting provider in the web but it’s not so much well known. It is high quality solutions make it stand out from it’s louder well known competitors. I have tried this before and its a great service. According to Hostadvice.com, it’s a company that offers fast, reliable hosting services with 99.9% uptime guarantee.

I have tried this for a month and pretty impressed with its rich features and load time. This hosting company provide unlimited bandwidth and storage with all of its plan and its a complete true fact. As I have personally used this so i will say this is really true, this offer is not for attracting users.

They other key fact of liking them is their support team. Their support team contributed to a seamless customer service experience in all the plans. They are always accessible, it will not a matter that which plan you are using, you can a basic plan user or can be a premium plan user. You don’t need to wait for them if you have any issue like most of the other providers.

This provider have solution for every type of business. They have shared hosting, reseller hosting, vps hosting and dedicated hosting. They only don’t have any cloud hosting plan. Their shared hosting plan starts at $3.92 per month, reseller plan start at $13.19 per month, vps plan starts at $5 per moth and the last dedicated plan starts at $99.59.

Key facts

  • You will get a quick and efficient troubleshooting 24/7/365 with them. This available in live chat, phone, email, Skype and even via the Customer Portal.
  • They has outstanding uptimes record so your website will run smoothly with any issue.
  • They provide a incredibly fast load times that not only will impress your traffic but also will improve your SEO rank.
  • With their KernelCare and HackScan system you can make sure that your website is completely safe.
  • As you will get unlimited bandwidth, so you never need to think about the traffic capacity.
  • This hosting provider also offer one click CMS installation service, it will be more easy for your maintain your hosting or server.
  • You can also install SSL certificate in just one click.
  • You will also get a option for restore everything just in one click.

According to hostadvice.com their rating is 9.7 in 10. Its superb rating. You can go with this provider without thinking too much.

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