When you run any online business the thing you must need to have is the tracking tool for tracking your traffic. There are lots of tracking tools in the web, this all tools are pretty similar but not every of them gives you the perfect track record. Yeah! you just read it.

Suppose you have started a online website and like to track its visitor or traffic so you set up a tool without knowing so much about the tool then how you can be so much sure that it will give the accurate track result. As I’m working with different websites for years and also have worked with different tracking tools, I will only say most of the tracking tool will not give you the accurate result. So do not blindly trust on them without knowing properly about them.

There is only one tracking tool in the whole web that can really give you the original track report of your website and that is “Google Analytics” . This is not only my personal opinion, experts trust it. This is trusted by million of people of the not just because its a service of google, People trust it for the quality that none other can give them.

With Google Analytics you will have the power to understand everything about your traffic. Everything means everything not only their location or spend time on your website, You will understand everything that is must need for any business.

It’s analytics intelligence and detailed reporting system will let you grow more and more. This is just because analytics let you understand the behavior of your traffic and you will understand what you need to do next according to that.

In other tracking tools like Jetpack (wordpress) will not even give your your original pageview report and this think happened with most of them. Google Analytics is the number one tracking tool that everyone trust. As a example if you like to run taboola ads on your website you have to show them your traffic data according to Google Analytics, they will not accept the other tracking tool data.

So you can understand the whole fact from here. There is nothing rest to write. If you are new this field the choose google analytics for tracking even if you are not new and using any other service then remove that and add this one.

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