“A network change was detected” its happen in chrome occasionally. You can’t say that you have face this issue for the first time. Most of the time when anyone face this network change error issue they just stopped working on chrome and try other browsers. This error happen because of your internet connection switches from one network to another one during loading any webpage or downloading any file.

Thinking that, it will be fix after some time is not the right solution. You can fix that on that time when you see that. So lets get started with the fixing process.


After seeing this error, you should try to reload that web page again or download that file again that you are trying to download when you see this error. Its a instant solution that works most of the time.


You should try when you see this error message is turn of the browser and refresh your computer or laptop. Then open the browser again and try to go on the link that you are previously trying to visit. In most of time, after doing this the error not happened again.


If the previous tricks don’t work then restart your computer or laptop and then try to do that again. When you restart your computer or laptop its refresh your internet connecting and all the apps that you have in your device. This restart process fixes most bugs that you are experiencing.


Check network connection of your computer or laptop. This error can be also happened your one internet connection interrupted by other available internet connections. So you need to make sure that you are just using one secure connection. For this you should delete the other unknown sources.

For deleting or removing this, you need to go on the Settings option then on the Network & Internet option and then on the Manage known networks option. You need to do this manually by clicking on the forget option.


If you tried this all listed things and this issue is still not fixed then you should reboot your modem or router. This network connection error can be also caused by modem or router. It can be happened for network conflict issue. For rebooting modem or router, you need to unplugged this and wait for five minutes and then connect it again.


This can be also happen for using a backdated windows or chrome. If you are using backdated version then update it for fixing your problem.

For updating windows click on the Settings option then click on the Update & Security and then click on the Check for updates. If you see any update is available then update it.

For updating chrome you need to click on the ellipsis in the top-right corner of the screen of your device and then click Update Google Chrome.


The last thing that you can try is to delete your browsing data. For doing this you need to click on the ellipsis in the top-right corner of the screen and go to the Settings, then click on the Advanced and then click on the Clear Browsing Data and Clear Data.

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