Do you know about this Virus and Worm? Do you know how you can be infected by them? Most of the people don’t everything about them they only know their name and know that this are harmful for their device and security. I’m also one of you before 3 months ago until i face a issue with my device.

My device infected by them and I am really not sure is it a virus or worm on that time. Then i do a little bit research about this things and now i know what is the difference between them.

The first basic thing is this virus and worm both are a from of malware. This malware is a term used for all kind of software that can infect computer systems and also can adversely effect the whole system of your device. Virus works same as the definition but the worm works in a little bit different way. It doesn’t mean that worm is not a malware, its a malware but it works a little bit different then the stander virus.

Understanding the Advance Difference

The main difference between a virus and a worm is how they act, means how the software system replicates to additional computers. A virus is an application that needs to be downloaded by the user of the device. If this not downloaded then it will transferred to the main host computer before doing any infection.

This virus can be in the attachment of your email or any malicious web page or something similar. As you need to download it or it will not downloaded by itself so you need to sure what you are doing during any download.

If you even have download any virus mistakenly then you can get rid of easily. Its less harmful then worms. If you have worms in your device then your device is at high risk as it much more powerful then a stander virus. As the worms not even need to be downloaded so you will not get it soon that you have infected with this harmful thing.

This worm is especially dangerous as it doesn’t require any action from the user, it can do anything by itself. This is the major difference between this two.

A computer worm is a type of application that can accesses a computer over any used networks. It even can be accesses by the corporate network or the internet provider. It can also accessed from the pen drive or peer-to-peer network. This mainly happens when you are using an outdated operating system or outdated security app.

For avoiding both of them you need to make sure that you are using a antivirus software all the time and you also need to scan your device once in a week so that you can be sure that you are completely safe from this malware’s.

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