Creating a blog is not a rocket science that you need to learn over years. You can create a blog in just few hours by yourself, you don’t need to have hire any company or freelancer for this work. So let get started.

The very first thing that you need to do is choose a perfect domain name. If you are not so much sure about how you can choose the perfect domain name for your blog then you can read this blog – How to find a perfect domain name for any business? In this blog you will find all the details that you must need to before buying any domain for your blog or other business.

Then comes the hosting. For running your website the second thing you need is a hosting according to the size and type of your blog. If you are also confused about this then you should read this blog on mine before getting started. This is the blog link – How to choose the best hosting plan for your business?

So now you are ready with your domain name and hosting. For creating a blog you should go with wordpress. I personally suggest this because wordpress is a very easy thing that anyone can manage and there is nothing tricky in this. All most all the hosting plans comes with One click wordpress installation process, So you can do this in a minute after buying your hosting plan.

After installing wordpress your hosting provider will give a dashboard link and username and password. When you will click on that link, it will take you to a page like this one and you need to use that provide username and password to log into inside your website.

When you will log into it you will see this page and all the options. As i have already said that wordpress is easy to deal with, you will find all the things that you need and there is no coding and nothing that you need to do.

Now you might be thinking about the layout of your website. As you are using wordpress, you can change the layout in just one click. You can check the themes that your can find on the Appearance option. There are free and paid both kind of themes are available on wordpress. If you don’t want to use free themes and want to buy premium theme then you just need to buy it and then you can easily upload it and use it.

You also customize the theme from that Customize option. All the options is clearly written so you can adjust anything according to your need. You can also add plugins ( different features ). Its completely the theme you can add this in one click and also have customize options for that.

Now you are completely ready for creating any website. So don’t waste your time anymore, start creating your website now. Share your awesome thoughts with the whole world.

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