Remembering password of every online account is not a easy task unless you use a password manager for this. This password manager is a must needed thing for every people because everyone is a human being and can forget anything any time and also its not safe to carry a notebook of passwords.

Chrome password manager is the most simple password manager that comes with your chrome browser. It’s a Google’s built-in tools, with this option you can store as much password you want.

You will not able to get random passwords with this Google Password Manager but you can manage all of your passwords easily in one place. Its also very easy to use.

Where you will find it

Open your chrome browser and click on the profile button of the top right corner of the chrome browser like the given below picture. Then you need to click on the password option from the drop down list.

This will take you to that page where you will find all of your saved passwords that you have saved before and also will show to those website where you don’t have saved the password.

How to use it

First click on the google account option for that password page. Then it will take you to the account page.

Then you need to type your password for going to next step. So type your password and click on the next button.

After clicking on the next button, it will take to a page like this one. This is the page where you will find all of your saved passwords. Now you can locate and click the password you that want to view or even delete.

When you will click on any domain, it will take you to page like this one. If you like to see the password then click on the eye button or if you like to copy the password then click on the copy button. If you want to delete thin entry then click on the delete button.

If you want to get back to the main password manager page then click on the left-pointing arrow then it will take you back on that page.

Congratulation! Now you know basic about the chrome password manager.

Configuration Options

Now you need to know the the configuration options. There is not too much configuration options in google chrome password manager but if you want to check them then click on the setting icon on your password manager page like given below photo.

Thats it, you are all done now. This password manager is the best option who don’t want to keep other password manager service.

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