You must be thinking that why i am saying that?

The answer is, as you have come to this blog about ad position then you must have a got the approval of adsense and i’m saying congratulation for your success on this journey. You have ride a very long way that most of the people can’t.

Lets get back to the point. Ad placements are very important thing that you need to know not only generating highest revenue, you also need to know it for not getting banned from google. Some people have faced this banned issue because of their low quality ad placements.

You need to keep in mind that you are not on this web to show people your advertisements, you are also here to give people useful content so that you both can gain something.

There are some people who placed ads on such as pages that people need to click on them or have to see video ads for seeing the content and this is a very bad think and google don’t like this kind of acts. So never ever think about doing such any act like them, you can even get banned from this. So be careful about the placements.

Placing this ads on your webpage is not a rocket science that i have already write before. You can do it by yourself, you just need to know the proper instructions for doing this. For this you need to go on the support page of google for knowing the whole matter, you can also follow this link , this link will give you all the needed details.

Google even share the details of highest revenue generating ad size. Yeah, you read it right, you can find this details about this from this link

So now you knows almost everything about the placement but there is still one more thing that you need to know before placing ads on your website. That thing is responsiveness, this is a very important part that you really need to know.

If you expert enough to add separate kind of ads on desktop and mobile then its fine because you should plan different size of ads on different device but if you can’t manage it then you should only use the mobile size ads. This reason behind this is the larger ads will cut from the both sides on mobile and tablet and you have to make sure that it never happened.

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