AdSense Application Rejected? Or wondering, Why does your website get rejected always? Then this blog is for you, You will find all the reasons why Google doesn’t approve you yet. If you are looking for a complete guide about “Google AdSense approval process in 2020” then you can also read this blog – HOW TO GET GOOGLE ADSENSE APPROVAL IN 2020

Main Reasons Why Your AdSense Application Rejected

  • Plagiarized content
  • Poor quality content
  • Not enough content
  • Inappropriate content
  • No useful content
  • Hate speech
  • Privacy Policy page (x)
  • Terms and Condition page (x)
  • Contact page (x)
  • Unsupported language
  • Under construction website
  • Unwanted site behavior
  • Website full of error
  • Lack of proper navigation on website
  • Malware Infected website
  • Unresponsive website
  • Poor website design
  • For using subdomain not the main domain
  • No sitemap
  • Encouraging users to click on the ads
  • Previously banned from AdSense
  • Too much webmaster tools errors
  • Zero SEO value
  • Paid traffic
  • Poor hosting service
  • No SSL certificate
  • Selling Counterfeit Goods
  • Not for setting AdSense Syndication code on every page
  • Linked with misleading websites
  • Ads of other ad networks
How to get google AdSense Approval in 2020

1. Plagiarized content

This comes in the first place because most of those who try to get Google AdSense approval do this mistake. They just try to fill their website with copy content so that they can apply as soon as they can. Their AdSense application rejected in a day.

According to different sources, Almost ten thousand people apply for Google AdSense every day and only a few of them are selected. This number is less than 20. So you can imagine why they get rejected.

So if you want to get the approval then you have to keep in mind that Plagiarized content is your enemy and you have to avoid it.

2. Poor quality content

If you have a website that has followed every rule of AdSense but the quality of your content is poor then there will be no chance of getting the approval. Now you are thinking that you are not capable of writing high-quality content as you are not a blogger or writer, so you need to hire someone for this. There are few tricks of writing high-quality content and you don’t need to spend too much money on this.

3. Not enough content

“Not enough content” is the next reason for not getting the approval. Google wants a website that will have 30 high-quality blogs not less than that. This is the most common rejection reason. 

If you have less than 30 high-quality blogs at your website then don’t even dream about applying for Google AdSense. Take some time and write the needed blogs and then apply.

4. Inappropriate content

Inappropriate content means improper, disturbing content or in simple words, it means those content which is not normal or misleading for kids. You need to make sure that your website doesn’t have such content. Google strictly has a rule about this.

5. No useful content

You might be thinking that “poor quality content” and “no useful content” are this same thing but the answer is, no! They are not the same thing. Poor quality content means those content that doesn’t have any proper meaning or explanation but no useful content means those content that is meaningful but not useful for anyone.

You need to make sure that the content you have on your website is good and useful for people. 

6. Hate speech

“Public speech that expresses hate or encourages violence towards a person or group based on something such as race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.

– According to Cambridge Dictionary”

This hate speech is completely against AdSense policy. You make sure that you don’t have any content or comment on your website similar to this.

7. Privacy Policy page

You must need to have a privacy policy page on your website. Most of the people don’t know or don’t have any idea about what they should write on that page. If you are also one of them then generate your privacy policy from this website. Create a Free Privacy Policy.

8. Terms and Condition page 

Like the Privacy policy page, you also need to have a terms and conditions page. You can generate this page from this website. Free Terms and Conditions Generator.

AdSense Policy

9. Contact page

Most of the people who add “privacy policy and terms and conditions ‘ pages, don’t know about the contact page or think that it’s not necessary to have a contact page. The true fact is, you need to have a contact page on your website.

10. Unsupported language

Google AdSense is not supported in every language. You need to make sure that you are applying for a supported language website. You can check the supported language list from this link- Google adsense supported languages.

Valuable inventory AdSense rejection

11. Under construction website

Do not edit anything on your website after applying for Google AdSense. If you don’t then Google will mark it as an under-construction website and will reject you. Check each and every detail of your website before applying.

12. Unwanted site behavior

Before applying for AdSense make sure that your website is working properly. If your website doesn’t work properly then you will be rejected from AdSense. If you are don’t the creator of the website then ask your developer to look into it and make sure it’s working properly.

13. Website full of error

If your website is full of coding errors then your application will be rejected, No matter how creative content you have. So make your website completely coding error-free.

14. Lack of proper navigation on website

If your website doesn’t have a proper navigation system then you will be rejected because Google wants a good user experience and if you don’t have a proper navigation system then your website will not be counted as a user-friendly website on Google.

15. Malware Infected website

If your website is infected with malware then Google AdSense will reject your website. This malware is very harmful to every user who will visit your website and Google doesn’t like those websites which can be harmful to the users.

16. Unresponsive website

Your website needs to be compatible with every device ( desktop, tablet, and mobile). And it’s not a good idea to create different subdomains for the mobile version. Try to create a single layout that will be responsive to every device.

17. Poor website design

Google rejects those websites that have a poor design. Some people think that the design of the website is really not a fact but it’s a completely false concept. Your website needs to be simple, minimal and elegant.

18. For using subdomain not the main domain

Make sure that you are applying for AdSense using the main domain, Google doesn’t accept sub domains for AdSense.

19. No sitemap

Indexing on Google is a must thing. You need to make sure that you have to set up the sitemap of your website properly.

20. Encouraging users to click on the ads

If you are encouraging the users of your website to click on the ads then you will never get the approval from google. Users will only click on the ads if they are interested, you can’t force them for this.

21. Previously banned from AdSense

If you are previously banned from AdSense then you will not get the approval. Google only allowed one account for each person.

AdSense Application Rejected for not setting Webmaster tools

22. Too much webmaster tools errors

Make your website completely error free before applying for adsense because if you have any error then you will be rejected.

23. Zero SEO value

You need a complete SEO setup website for getting the approval unless google will reject you. And you also need to do this for generating traffic.

24. Paid traffic

If you are buying traffic for your website then you will get the AdSense approval in your whole life. You can promote your website on facebook or google for getting the traffic but not from the website.

25. Poor hosting service

If you are using a poor hosting service that has different issues like server down and not connecting then you will be rejected from google. Use any decent hosting for a good performance. You can try for a great hosting service at a low price.

26. No SSL certificate

You need to have an SSL certificate on your website because google warns users to go on those websites who don’t have an SSL certificate.

27. Selling Counterfeit Goods

If you are selling or promoting Counterfeit Goods on your website then your website will not be approved for adsense.

28. Not for setting AdSense Syndication code on every page

You have to set up the AdSense Syndication code on every page of your website. In some cases, people get rejected from AdSense for adding this code only on the homepage. And most of the people don’t even notice that issue.

29. Linked with misleading websites

If you redirect your user to other spam or misleading websites from your website then you will be rejected also. 

AdSense Application Rejected for using other Ad Networks

30. Ads of other ad networks

If you use a third party ad network on your website during the AdSense approval process then you will be rejected also. Make sure there are no ads on your website during the process. But you can add other ads after the approval.

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