As all of us already know the Google Adsense is the best way to make money from blog or website. The reason behind this is, Google pays the highest revenue than other options in the market and its service are the best among all the other alternatives.

Google Adsense is a dream of every person who want to earn from their website by doing advertisement on them, but not everyone’s dream comes true. Google only approve those websites which are actually good for the user not just any website that have nothing for the users. In most of the cases people who get the approval from google get confused about the the next process and some of them even can set it up properly.

This blog is for those people who are approved by google want to the best ways to deal with it. If you are not get the approval yet but trying to get approval then you should check out this requirement blog – Main eligibility requirements for AdSense .

#1 Try different ad units

After getting the approval from google the first think that anyone do is the ad placement. As the revenue is completely based on this ads, you really need to know that which ad will give you more then the others.

Now you are thinking that how you will find out that which ad will pay best? The answer is simple, just do experiment with different size of ads. Add a ad code and run it on your website for 2 days and then remove it and try a different size on the same place and again run it for 2 days.

Then calculate the value of it from your adsense dashboard and then place the best earning ad on your website. Its very simple process. It will not only increase your earning but also you will understand what actually your visitors like most.

#2 Find the best ad placements

For generating maximum revenue from your website you really need to find out the right placement of your ads. Not every website comes in a same layout or same details so i can’t exactly describe you the position of them but i can give you hint about this.

The first think that you can do is to find out a website like yours and it should also have adsense then look carefully and understand their ad placements and do something similar on your website.

If you don’t like to do something like that, then do it by yourself like the ad sizes. Try different placements on different day and then calculate which one is the best for you.

#3 Make your ads responsive

This is the most important part and all the adsense user need to be very careful about this. As a user you always need to make sure that your ads are responsive in all devices. Do only think about desktop ads, you need to keep in mind that your ads will be also in mobile and tablet.

For avoiding any issue on this matter, you can create different ad units for different devices. This is the best solution of this matter.

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