Are you looking for cheap hosting plan?

Then let me tell you that it’s might not a easy task to find one. The reason behind this most of companies offer cheap hosting plans but this rate is only for the first month not for lifetime. When you will renew it on the next moth or year it will cost you 2x or 3x more then the current rate.

This must be sound weird but its a true fact. You can call this a SEO plan for attracting new people to buy their service and most of beginners don’t understand the main truth of this providers. I’m not saying that this providers are doing wrong, I’m only saying that its not easy to find out a cheap hosting that don’t include this part.

4 hosting providers that will not charge more on renewal are given below-

This is the first one on the list. Hostinger is the cheapest single shared hosting with 99.97% uptime guarantee. According to different sources it is the fastest wordpress host with average load time of 369ms. Its plans starts with the price $0.80 per month.

So if your website is in wordpress and you are looking for a very cheap hosting plan this one is a great option for you. This cheapest plan includes 1 website, 1 email account and 100GB bandwidth and SSL.

HostGator Cloud

If you are looking a cheap cloud hosting plan then hostgator is the perfect solution for you. Its cloud plan starts with $2.99/year. Yeah its a pretty much surprising rate but its true.

As it’s comes with a cheap price, don’t think that its low in quality. Its like other cloud plans of other hosting providers. This plan also include free website transfer, SSL certificate, 1-click backups and sitelock. So i will say its a great deal in a very cheap price.


Bluehost currently host over 2 million websites. This is one of the most reliable hosting service in the industry. According to the monitoring of different hosting advisers, its uptime is 99.99 percent.

It’s most cheapest plan start with the price of $2.75 per month and they also offer a free domain name and SSL certificate with this plan.


If you looking for a feature riched hosting at a very low price then iPage is the best solution for you. Its starting plan is only for $1.99 per month including vat. With this $1.99 plan you will get a free domain name for one year, a SSL certificate and a 30-day money back guarantee.

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