Apps are the main things on our smartphones that keeps us busy using that all they long. Once we get addicted using any app, you just can’t keep our hands away from using it. Apps like tiktok or like are so much popular among all the people of different generations that can’t even explained. People just act like crazy for getting more views and shares on this apps. Lets not talk about this apps because this is not the topic of this blogs.

Let come to point, this blog will show you that can harm your smartphone. Its a complete true fact and not based on any imaginations so if you are currently using any of this apps just uninstall it right now and keep your smartphone and your data safe.


QuickPic is the number on this list. This app is a app for managing photo gallery. Its a very user friendly app and people like it so much for this reason. “Its a very simple and don’t even look harmful”, I know you are thinking just like this. The fact behind this the company who created this app.

This app bought by Cheetah Mobile who recently accused for start uploading users’ data to their own servers. Its really a big issue for every user of this app. As you have give this app the permission of accessing all of your photos on your phone, this app can upload all of them on their company server. So your private data is at risk.

UC Browser

Yeah, you are it right. It just like one kind of shock because its the mostly used android web browser in India, China and Bangladesh. It might be thinking that, its fast mode save your data then how it can be harmful.

The real truth is, It send your IMEI number, Android ID, and Wi-Fi MAC address to Umeng. Umeng is an Alibaba analytics tool. It also send your users’ geolocation data to AMAP. AMAP is an Alibaba mapping tool. So how this app can be safe for anyone. You should use Google Chrome for keeping everything safe.


CLEAN It is a junk file cleaner and it has been downloaded 10 million times and has 85 percent four- or five-star reviews. So everyone will say its a good app and as it have a great review so it will not be harmful, right?

Nope, the real fact is not like what you are thinking. Its mainly cleans the cache of your phone and you think that, this will make your phone faster but its really not, it ultimately slow down your phone and for cleaning the RAM, your battery is used more then ever. Its slowly killing your smartphone that you don’t even notice. You just downloaded it just for their attractive advertisement.

DU Battery Saver and Fast Charge

If you use this DU Battery Saver and Fast Charge app then just uninstall it right now. Its completely a fake app. Their is not such app that can make your phone charge faster then ever. Don’t pay attention to those 7.6 million five-star reviews, think it logically. If it really do so then why the phone companies like Samsung is coming with fast charging feature.

This app is the leading and mostly downloaded app because of its cool advertising system nothing more then that. So don’t look at the advertisement, think logically.

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